Organizational Accreditation

Organizations accredited by the HPA are those that have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to achieving and sustaining next-level human performance. Examples of such commitment include:

  • Defining and exemplifying the underlying “why” of the organization

  • Establishment and communication of a set of Core Principles

  • Consistent day-to-day focus, throughout the organization, on the reduction of human error and prevention of events

  • A culture that promotes openness and integrity, offering every team member maximum opportunity to learn and contribute

  • A systematic approach to dealing with errors that do occur such that learning is maximized and accountability is internalized

  • An ongoing process for team, vertical, and horizontal engagement that promotes and recognizes behaviors and interactions aligned with organizational Core Principles

  • A process for learning and taking actions on lessons learned

  • A process for recording and recognizing proactive actions taken to remove process/organizational weaknesses and setups for human error

​Full details on the benefits of and the application process for HPA Organizational Accreditation will be available soon.

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