As the significance of a focus on the human side of performance improvement continues to grow, it has become important to not only define the methods by which to most effectively achieve and sustain “next-level” performance, but also to define and recognize levels of expertise and achievement of professionals involved in this field.​

The Association offers two levels of Certification for Human Performance Professionals.

Human Performance Certified (HPC)

This designation is awarded to members who have (1) completed an authorized professional course of study in human performance, (2) demonstrated a requisite level of knowledge by achieving a passing score on the HPC Examination, and (3) are passionate about making the world better and safer through the workplace. To learn more about the HPC designation, GO HERE.​

Human Performance Master (HPM)

This designation is awarded to members who have successfully achieved the HPC designation, and who have also mastered the ability to influence and effectively implement next-level human performance within one or more organizations. To learn more about the HPM designation, GO HERE.

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