Solutions and Opportunities for the Human “Challenge”…

Over the past few years, the field of Human Performance has been rising to the surface as an ultimate frontier of successful enterprise and operation. Because of this, leaders and professionals pursuing high reliability in virtually all industries have begun searching for answers and solutions to the human “challenge”.​

Until now, those seeking effective remedies and clear [“how to”] pathways for improving human engagement, accountability, and co-creation have been left to sift through scattered information, fragmented “recipes”, and isolated success stories. Much of this information, while having demonstrated some level of past success in highly regulated industries, is not only far from being the best of what’s currently available, it is also impractical and inappropriate for many organizations in today’s competitive global economy.

​The Human Performance Association (HPA) is a not-for-profit collaboration of next-level thought leaders and practitioners in the fields of human behavior, error reduction, culture transformation, safety, quality, instructional technology, and performance improvement. Its members are wholly dedicated to making the world a better, safer, and more productive place.​

Through the use of Briefings, Best Practice Guidelines, Certification and Accreditation, sponsored online learning Courses, webinars and community, as well as virtual and on-location international/regional conferences, HPA members have the opportunity to share, learn, collaborate, and implement.​

The reality is, no one of us is as smart as all of us. Through the HPA, collaboration and ongoing co-creation between research and academia, thought leaders, and top gun practitioners comes together to provide organizations with tangible guidance and solutions for today’s human challenges and opportunities.

Solutions and Opportunities for the Human “Challenge”…

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