Jack Martin, President HPRCT

Jack is President of HPRCT and leader of the planning committee for the annual HPRCT conference. He is also Vice President of a privately owned business that evaluates and offers suggestions for improvement for corrective action and Human Behavior programs. He also trains, consults, and mentors high hazard industries in the analysis of significant events. Proficient in training and use of root cause techniques commonly used in analysis (change analysis, barrier analysis, event & causal factors charting, task analysis, Management Oversight & Risk Tree Analysis, and human performance analysis) and mentoring in their use. Provides assistance in implementing risk informed corrective action programs.

Over thirty years of experience as an engineer, supervisor and manager. In my career, I have logged oil wells, designed transmission substations, constructed coal and nuclear power plants, and served on the staff of an operating nuclear power plant. I was responsible for the root cause analysis program and have either performed or mentored the root cause analysis of over 400 significant events that included death of an electrician, numerous nuclear plant trips and power reductions, a coal plant fire, many equipment failures, and an issue at a chemical weapons demolition facility.