The Human Performance Association (HPA) was founded in 2014.

The initial launch of the HPA was funded by Tim and Suzette Autrey. For a letter of intent from the Founders, CLICK HERE.

The HPA was founded to promote new vision, new awareness, and newly-discovered methods of ‘doing’ in efforts to improve reliability, efficiency, productivity, and safety through focus on the Core of all performance- human performance.

The overriding purpose of the HPA is two-fold:

To change the global conversation

Much had been learned about workplace culture and human behavior since the US commercial nuclear and airline industries began their focus upon “human performance” and “human error reduction” in the early 1990s.

By 2014, pioneering organizations had discovered tremendous effectiveness through a different approach- an approach tapping into and leveraging positive intrinsic aspects of human nature.

It had become recognized, through hands-on implementation experience, that this approach could help any organization, in any industry, of any size, anywhere in the world, rapidly and sustainably improve reliability, efficiency, productivity, and safety.

The time had come to challenge the status quo, to promote new ways of thinking and doing- those that would genuinely help the world become a better and safer place.

The time had come to change the global conversation on human performance.

To Collaborate, Develop, Educate and Promote


The HPA has been initiated with a distinguished Board of Advisors- individuals of significant accomplishment in the field, each aware that new thinking and new ways of doing continue to evolve, collaborating to accelerate progress and awareness.

In addition, through the HPA Forum, our community of members ask questions, get answers and share insights, experiences, and lessons learned for the benefit of all.

New insights, validating experiences, and constant and never-ending improvement in methods and protocols are shared and dialogued with all members.


Through its ‘brain trust’ (the HPA Board of Advisors) and the efforts of member volunteers, HPA is defining the ‘standards’ for next-generation Human Performance.

As a new industry, systemization and guidelines will provide great benefit to those seeking to improve organizational metrics and outcomes through focus on human performance.

As the Association continues its evolution, this will include professional certification of individuals, as well as certification and accreditation of organizations.


The next-generation approach to human performance can be a fundamental element in helping make our world a better and safer place.

A foundational aspect of the HPA is to make the ‘good stuff’, pioneered by experts and validated through member collaboration, available to all who seek it. This includes those who, due to limited budgets or geographical constraints, do not have access to direct assistance from organizations and consultants leading the way.

Technology has made education available to a huge percentage of the earth’s population- a percentage that continues to grow at a substantial pace. The HPA will maximize exploitation of technology to make the best information readily available around the globe.


Much good can be achieved through the promotion and dissemination of insights gained and knowledge developed through the efforts and experiences of those committed to next-generation human performance.

The HPA will promote awareness of these insights while developing a knowledge base ultimately containing answers and solutions to many of the challenges posed by our ever-evolving world.



Steven Bridges- Media Director

Alex Samaniego- Marketing/IT