Dear Colleague:

Since you’re reading this, we trust you’re interested in human performance, and perhaps in becoming a member of the Human Performance Association (HPA).

In 2013, we exhausted ourselves speaking at conferences across North America, including such venues as Stanford University and the Mayo Clinic, proselytizing our awareness and understanding of “human performance.” As we saw it, the approach to improving human performance we had helped develop could truly help the world become a better and safer place- all on a “WIN-WIN” basis. We were on a mission to help others ‘get it’.

By the end of that year, we became acutely mindful of a giant ‘hole’ in awareness and true understanding of “human performance”. And this was not just by those who had not yet been exposed to the field, but also by many in the field.

We decided the best route for promoting proper insight and balanced awareness was to take competition and profit out of the picture- to bring the brightest minds from academia, executive leadership, and front-line practitioners together to collaborate within a not-for-profit educational organization.

In 2014, we committed our personal finances to startup of the Human Performance Association, Inc. (HPA). We have continued to commit our personal resources to this endeavor ever since.

At the beginning of 2018, Tim became acutely aware of limitations on his personal bandwidth- limitations stifling the growth of the HPA. As such, we appointed Ritu Budakoti as Managing Director of the Association.

As awareness of “human performance” continues to grow, the HPA is well-positioned to be the primary advocator and collaborator of this budding industry. The vision has grown from simply providing education, to developing standards, credentials, and accreditation.

Properly approached, Human Performance can be a major player in global improvement. It has become a fertile field, ready to deliver a bountiful harvest of good.

We have merely sown the seeds to help the HPA sprout and begin its growth. Opportunities to contribute are ripe for those who hear the call- who truly want to make a difference.

As uncompromising champions of human possibility, we invite you to join in this quest to help make our world a better and safer place.

We look forward to your insights, your passion, and your engagement.

Tim & Suzette Autrey

Founders- HPA